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MJR Equipment Heavy Duty Equipment Sales & Service

Municipal Truck Equipment

MJR Equipment offers a wide variety of custom light duty and heavy duty equipment including emergency vehicles, dump trucks, snow and ice control equipment, and more. We will help you choose the best piece of equipment that fits your needs and with our experienced service staff you will maximize your runtime and performance.

We provide sale and service of the following products:

Custom Build Heavy Duty Equipment

Custom built trucks on your choice of chassis.

MJR Equipment is a proud dealer of Henderson and Monroe Truck Bodies. These trucks are custom built to the customer's specifications down to your choice of chassis.
All of our Henderson trucks are built at the Henderson location in Watertown, NY then are delivered to our shop for custom work and delivery to customer.
Hydraulic Controls: MJR is a dealer and service location for hydraulic jobs using Certified Power, Certified Cirus, and Force America products. Sales representatives are available to teach your team how to use the new controls as well as adjust them to your specifications.

Municipal Truck Service:

MJR will service all types of heavy duty equipment including leaf machines and hydraulic controls. Learn More

Schwarze Industries

Municipal Use Regenerative Air Sweepers

Schwarze Industries offer regenerative air sweepers on a variety of chassis sizes. If you’re in a small township or borough, consider the lighter weight, smaller, Schwarze® SuperVac Updraft™.
Schwarze street sweepers are heavy-duty chassis mounted regenerative air sweepers that have over 20 years of successful operation in the United States and around the world. And features like Schwarze Sweeps-In-Reverse℠, WhisperWheel℠ Fan system leaf bleeder and In-cab hydraulic gutter broom tilt allow your operator to be efficient and productive.

The Schwarze® A9 Monsoon™ is a heavy-duty, chassis mounted, regenerative air street sweeper with a 9.6 cubic yard hopper. The A9 Monsoon™ has over 20 years of successful operation throughout the United States and around the world.

The enhanced Schwarze® A8 Twister™ offers a generous 6 cubic yard, fully stainless steel hopper and full range dump heights from 2’ to 12’. The new dump system utilizes the proven Schwarze scissors lift that has been used for many years on the M6 Avalanche.

Super Products

Sewer Authority Parts and Trucks

MJR has recently opened itself to new opportunities including a new dealership agreement with Super Products, LLC a producer of Liquid Vacuum Trucks which will be marketed towards Sewer Authorities in the MJR area.

Living Up to the Name

Super Products LLC has been a leading manufacturer of truck-mounted vacuum equipment for, industrial, utility, municipal and contactor use since 1972. Our popular line of Supersucker industrial vacuum loaders, Durasucker liquid vacuum trucks, Mud Dog hydro excavators, and Camel sewer & catch basin cleaners are recognized for their high quality, durability and ease of operation. And our equipment offers some of the most innovative features on the market today!


Aluminum Cranes and Bodies

Jomac bodies are built almost exclusively out of aluminum, with the option to build with steel. Bodies are laid on a high strength frame of crossmembers precision designed to support the weight of the crane and load.

Customization options are available so you may design your new body to your specifications. Options include aluminum tool boxes.

Non-Crane adapted aluminum service bodies are built to customer specifications to include tool options, accessories, and tool box layout. Like crane trucks, service bodies are laid over a high strength aluminum cross member design to provide the upmost strength and durability for a long lasting duty truck.