Radial Dump Spreader

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Radial Dump Spreader

The Monroe Truck Equipment Radius Dump Spreader is a dump body with a built-in radius to be used as a dump body as well as a spreader. Any material can be discharged through the rear tailgate or forward to the metering gate. Each RDS unit has a conveyor in the floor of the dump body to help move material.

Spinner Options:

  • Tip-up
  • Front cross conveyor (with optional berming chute)
  • Side spinner with drop chute
  • Tailgate spread with dual discharge
  • Sat slurry generator


  • Fold up ladder
  • 3/8” Polymer sub floor
  • Stand alone cab shield
  • Rear cross conveyor
  • Top screens
  • Fender mounted pre-wet tank side extensions