Henderson Plows

Henderson Plows

Henderson snow plows are the top of the line plow for townships and municipalities with superior performance. These plows come in all shapes and sizes including Reversible, One Way, Expressway, and Wing plows.

Reversible Snow Plows

Reversible snow plows handle snow with the toughest materials available. Choose from optional full trip or trip-edge designs. Each plow comes standard with 8 welded ribs for increased strength in the moldboard. Accessories are available for all models.

Expressway Snow Plows

Expressway snow plows offer the versatility of an RSP with the efficiency of a OWP. These plows produce greater lift and discharge of snow and ice. The dual discharge allows the plow to throw snow further while being used at highway speeds. Standard with all Henderson plows, the expressway plow comes with 8 weld on ribs which reinforce the cutting edge trip. With a moldboard designed to roll snow, this plow is perfect for townships with large highway areas.

One Way Snow Plows

One Way snow plows roll snow and ice out of the way and discharge farther to the side of the road. One way snow plows come with 9 flame cut, weld on ribs to support the moldboard. Each moldboard is roll formed for better material flow. The moldboard is manufactured with an integral shield to minimize drift while increasing driver visibility.

Wing Snow Plows

Wing snow plows from Henderson are a perfect choice when looking for a simple mid-mount plow. Better weight distribution lets the drive wheels carry the load which prevents over loading on light weight front axles. Wing plows do not limit access to the passenger door. Mid-mount wing plows can be stowed lower than the dump body’s down position so the body can still be used while the wing is stored.