Brine Xtreme

Brine Xtreme

The stationary Henderson BrineXtreme line of products deliver continuous salt brine production while simultaneously self cleaning so there is never a stop in brine production. It’s so simple! Connect the machine to power, connect to a water source, fil your hopper with rock salt and turn it on! In minutes you are producing a high quality salt brine mixture at your location! Produce up to 7500 gallons per hour of salt brine!

Save Time: Liquid anti-iceing and deicers save you time during storm preparation and storm cleanup. Brine prevents ice from bonding to the roadway surface.

Save Money: Reduce your annual amount of granular product needed by relying on salt brine. Reduce waste. Limit scattering of precious granular material.

Increase Service: Use of brine materials can help clear snow and ice faster and more efficiently keeping roadways safe.

The BrineXtreme Truck Fill Station allows users to fil pre-wet tanks on their trucks quickly and efficiently. With plug and play installation, you can have your brine on the roads in record time. Protect your investment with password protection, multi-user set up, and data logging. This free standing unit installs outdoors near your brine production equipment and offers 24/7 accessibility.

Make your salt brine production mobile with the BrineXtreme trailer. This unit produces brine on the road and allows for truck filling in the most remote areas. Produce up to 6000 gallons of brine with this continuous and automated brine production trailer. Blending up to 3 products and allowing you to fill your fleet away from home makes this brine trailer an asset to any municipality.