Mainline Sewer Inspection Camera

Mainline Sewer Inspection Camera

The Mainline Sewer Inspection Camera Crawler is a waterproof device that allows you to inspect underground sewer pipes. The Crawler is different from a regular camera because it is designed for mainline or larger diameter pipes. Easily spot flaws or leaks quickly and accurately. With recording technology, you can view, and review pipe video content over and over again.

Who uses a pipe crawler?

As infrastructure ages, pipe crawlers are increasingly being used by a diverse audience, including, but not limited to:
  • Plumbers
  • Contractors
  • Cities / Municipalities
  • Federal Government and U.S. Military
  • Home Inspectors
  • Drain Cleaners
  • Industrial engineers
  • Building Maintenance supervisors
  • Educational facilities
  • Commercial buildings, including hospitals, airports, manufacturing facilities

What are the features?

Score more jobs with one camera! Our camera proudly features:
  • Daylight readable touch LCD screen
  • Motorized Reel with built-in auto-feed/ rewind to save time
  • Pan & Tilt camera to view different angles of the pipe
  • 600′ Flexible Kelvar coax cable provides enhanced durability
  • Simple to use text-writer collecting data
  • Take snapshots and save onto your USB
  • Inspects 6″ to 12″ pipes, up to 18” with an optional wheel set
  • Wi-Fi app for wireless video streams to approved Android and Apple devices
  • Record to USB to easily save, record, and playback
  • Iris system can be powered up using 110V AC or 800-1000 watts with a generator or invertor
  • Integrated power outlet, multiple recording ports and HDMI